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India is becoming one of the promising lands in the world in offering the ROI for the money that is been put on a business, be it any kind of business, i.e. it may be Information Technology business activities, Export and Import commercial activities, manufacturing, and other trading activities.

The country’s commercial objectives are centered on getting the Foreign Direct Investments into the country, and well the stock markets too depend on the developed countries and other Asian countries like China, Japan,… hence could be portrayed with volatile attributes and subjected to changes, most of the time. As of the year 2009, India’s GDP was growing at a rate of 6.7% spawning positive repercussions, which placed it in the list of fastest growing Asian countries, thereby holding a second position on the whole.

Supporting Factors

India has got many supporting factors for a successful accomplishment of a business or any trading activities, one of the prominent factors is that its domestic trading activities, which is quite stronger that in fact it rendered a supporting hand during the time of economic crisis too. The local commercial activities comprises of manufacturing activities in all type of industries, like automobile, clothing production, silk and handloom production, and domestic crop manufacturing and trading activities, even many regional gas manufacturing, steel and other materials production houses, chemical production plants, petrochemical productivity houses, oil refineries, etc… well one of the world wonders, Taj Mahal at Agra, is being blackened consistently by the yield of oil refineries that could be found surrounding it, could be one evident fact of this statement over here. Cheap labor is indeed a significant and most attractive feature of India, this had been the reason for enormous number of multinational companies to burgeon and get well established in the country, and it is still being the major attractive reason! This factor means more output for less money for those companies, but underlying truth is that an abundant package of both intelligence and hard work could be retrieved from the labor repository in the country.


Isn’t a calm place, indeed a tropical land with seasonal rains, growing real estates, and strong education base of a country, is sufficiently overwhelming, then it is the case that prevails in India. Further, the Ministry of Commerce and External Affairs have designed the trading rules and tax policies with an objective of encouraging and thereby bringing in huge foreign investments into the country. This has acted as a beneficial deed to both India, as well the other foreign countries. The other soothing feature of pursuing the commercial activities in India is that the country has got a stable economic condition, even during the 2009 recession period that was dwelling in the world economy, it would be unfair to portray that the Indian economy didn’t get affected, but was certainly able to regain the stable condition when compared to developed countries like UK, USA, and other European countries. All these attractions of the country have led to the total foreign direct investment of about $25.9 billion in the year 2009-2010, and also got listed as the second largest country in the world for being a favorable location to receive in enormous FDI.

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